Little Tennis (Ages 4-7) 

 Little Tennis is a United States Professional Tennis Association program that reportedly has 100,000 participants at 2,000 sites nationally. Little Tennis is concerned with promoting "pre-tennis" skills. Included are hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, rudimentary swing techniques, and above all else an experience of tennis as a lot of fun.




Beginners Junior Development Program is also for the entry level player ages 8+ as well as the player that has some tennis experience but is not yet ready for tournament competition. The main emphasis is fun, exercise, and exposure to the fundamental techniques of tennis. Players will learn all basic techniques, scoring, and be introduced to competitive games and point play. This is an essential class for those striving for competitive and tournament level tennis. The Junior Development program is for kids ages 8-16.

Junior Intermediate Program is for the junior player to develop the technical framework for future success in the sport of tennis. It is designed for the player who strives to become a National, or internationally ranked player as they mature. The key to reaching ones goals is setting a proper foundation of solid technique and a lot of competitive experience at a young age. This class is for tournament players who seek to gain lots of technical and mental instruction to improve their game


HIGH PERFORMANCE JUNIORS  (Qualified Juniors ages 12 and up)

Hawaii’s High Performance Tennis is designed for the highly ranked competitive junior player to reach their maximum potential.  Whether it is for a college scholarship, a professional career, or a lifelong love of tennis, we have the professional coaches that are willing and dedicated to make sure our juniors stay on track to fulfill their goals.

Our coaching staff consists of highly qualified tennis pros along with a exercise therapist.  His program design consists of nutrition, cardio and core techniques to help our juniors advance to a higher level.  Our goals are to make sure our players goes through extensive drilling and video analysis for ultimate technique in their game, engage in match play three times per week, maintain good cardio and nutrition, and are professionally coached at their tournaments.     

 High Performance Tennis Hawaii is focused on creating a positive, life changing junior tennis experience for its students. It is designed for junior tennis players who are driven to reach their maximum potential, with coaches committed to providing a quality environment that provides support and guidance. Our coaches have unsurpassed experience in the world of competitive junior tennis and beyond. Our own tennis experience has taught us to value and respect our role as coaches, mentors, counselors, that help form tennis technique as well as people. 

Demonstrations and video analysis of all lessons are available upon request.